The Cocktail Bar

apart [a pa t] Due to its originality, remarkable, and particularly alluring and tasteful

apart. - The name of our cocktail bar says it all. Our bar team is ready to serve you with a large and varied range of traditional and unique cocktails. Choosing one, however, should not be a pain. We are happy to advise you and recommend a cocktail to suit your mood.

Even just preparing them is an experience. Witness how our bar team enchants your senses with original creations or classic cocktails, and how the preparation becomes a celebration. Our tasteful and imaginative cocktails will elate you and take you to a new world.

There is a right cocktail for every occasion, whether it be an aperitif or together with an exquisite meal. You can comfortably enjoy your after-dinner drink resting in an armchair next to the flickering fireplace fire.

Fancy a cigar? Next to our bar you can find a cozy smoker's lounge.