Titisee and the Highlands of the Black Forest

Experience nature at Lake Titisee Black forest firs and mountain lakes

First let’s hear it from Wikipedia:


„The Titisee district of Titisee-Neustadt is located on the north bank of Lake Titisee, to the east of the Feldberg mountain in the Black Forest, at an elevation of 780 to 1190 meters. The Neustadt district is located five kilometers east of it. The town is situated on a small river, which originates as the Seebach from the Bärental valley and feeds into Lake Titisee, flows out from it as the river Gutach (good water) and leaves the urban area to the east of the Neustadt district as the rapid river Wutach (furious water), finally pouring into the Rhine through the well-known Wutachschlucht.“

The Highlands of the Black Forest

The Highlands of the Black Forest is an unambiguously defined landscape, region and natural space designation mostly in the southern and central Black Forest. The Black Forest Highlands’ forest owes its popularity to tourism. Winter sport and climatic spa facilities in the high mountains of the Black Forest used it in their advertising before the First World War. Since the 1920s the term has also been used in the literature of the region, albeit with varying regional boundaries."

So therefore, there’s no the Black Forest Highlands, just as there is no the Black Forest Hotel: The Parkhotel Waldeck is an establishment with history and for individualists who value style and comfort, but still want to keep the budget in mind.

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